Contact Lenses

We carry the most advanced contact lenses for most prescription types.

Water Gradient

If you have tried contacts, but they felt scratchy or made your eyes dry.Water gradient lenses are the opposite! They are made with use cutting edge technology. Dr. Bevil recommends Dailies® Total1® lenses because "they feel like nothing."

Tired of cleaning and disinfecting your contacts everyday? Try dailies. Where you wear a new pair of lenses every day. Just put them in when you wake up and toss them at the end of your day. You won't even have to worry about contact buildup!

The newest technology in multi-focal lenses give you clear vision at any distance. You'll never have to fumble with different pairs of glasses and no more bi-focal! Air Optix® has a multi-focal lens, specifically designed to work in unison with your eyes to provide clear vision with an uninterrupted range of focus, near and far.

Ortho - K
Sleep your way to clear vision. Do you need vision correction? But aren't sure about wearing contacts, or glasses, and LASIK is out of the question? Ortho-K maybe your answer. This is a rigid, gas–permeable lens that painlessly reshapes your cornea, without the need for surgery. Another advantage to using Ortho-K lenses is that the effects are completely reversible.

Extended Wear
Do you often find yourself falling asleep in your contacts? With extended wear lenses, you won't have to remember to remove them when you're snoozing! You just put them in and forget about them. These types of contacts provide lasting comfort, and you can usually wear a single pair for more than a week!

Do you have an astigmatism? Here at Sight & Style, we have several brands of toric contacts specifically for astigmatism. You can choose daily disposable, extended wear, and even colored lenses. Dr. Bevil will ensure your lenses will give you crisp, and clear vision in the style you choose.

Sports Lenses
Do you often get dust or dirt in your eyes while outside playing sports? Or, does the wind interfere with your vision when you are outside? Dr. Bevil can fit you with specific daily or toric lenses to make sure you're at the top of your game.

Gas Permeable
Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) are rigid lenses that are made of a durable plastic. Since these lenses are made of silicone they allow the most amount of oxygen to your eye than even soft lenses. Today's lens technology for soft gas permeable, silicone hydrogel, are excellent lenses for individuals that have tried contacts before that felt too scratchy.

Colored Lenses
Have you always wanted to have green or grey eyes? Now you can! At Sight & Style, we provide Air Optix Colors® and Fresh Look® colored contacts. You can choose from a wide palette of colored lenses. Of course, color selection depends on your natural eye color, hair color, skin tone, and the type of chance you'd like. Ask Dr. Bevil if your lenses can come in different colors.

Do you need to wear glasses to correct your vision and have been told your eye isn't shaped for contacts? Dr. Bevil can create a custom fitted lens specifically prepared to meet your needs.