What is Sports Vision?
Sports vision is a therapy consisting of eye training exercises to improve athletic performance. Therapy for directed towards sports vision allows athletes of all levels to excel at their specific sport.

What does sports vision therapy involve?
There are several aspects to this type of eye therapy and testing. These include depth perception, visual acuity, eye pursuits, eye tracking, and convergence/divergence training. Dr. Bevil will work with you to enhance hand–eye coordination and balance so sportsmen and sportswomen can perform at their highest level.

Depth Perception
Depth perception needs both eyes to be balanced and focused together. We will test your depth perception with computer-generated shapes while you wear special colored glasses.

Visual Acuity
Since visual acuity is necessary for athletes, we maximize yours at better than the standard 20⁄20. In most cases, athletes can use precision contact lenses to allow for natural vision in field and contact sports.

Eye Pursuits
In some sports, eye pursuits need to be both fast and large. For example, a quarterback needs to quickly scan the entire football field. In other cases, however, eye pursuits should be slow and steady, which will help the golfer read the golf greens, help in putting, and assist the rifleman in shooting.

Hand–Eye Coordination
When you need to be sure your bat, golf club, or racket hits the ball, or your stick connects with the puck, hand–eye coordination is essential. The best option for this type of therapy is observation in the sports field so Dr. Bevil can assess you accurately. Additionally, our in–house sports vision clinic is equipped with a kinetic acuity to assist Dr. Bevil in your therapy. The Marsden ball swings from the ceiling, and the letters are called out to monitor your concentration and focus. Your customized therapy is designed to help you reach your maximum hand–eye coordination potential.

The final component to maximize performance is the addition of balance training to your sports vision therapy routine.

Sports vision training involves the entire body, especially visualization, which is an element of psychology. Visualization helps the sportsman or sportswoman attain their maximum potential and improves their confidence. When you can mentally see yourself accomplishing a task, it increases your rate of success.